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What you can do and see in Plovdiv

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Hristina Nikolova    03-01-2018      0        1096

      |    A photo shoot taken in the central part of Plovdiv

Plovdiv is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, which you must visit. The "city of the hills" is full of interesting places – cultural monuments, architectural and historical landmarks and cultural events, and if you want to see all this, you will need a few weeks. But what you must-see if you are in Plovdiv for only a few days!


Here are some helpful tips!


Take a stroll in Plovdiv’s center

Start your tour at the "Tsar Simeon's Garden" park, where the Singing Fountains are located. Then head over to the central pedestrian zone along the statue of the local urban hero Milio. Get to the Ancient stadium of Philipopolis, in the end of the pedestrian and explore the Roman excavations.

Ancient stadium of Philipopolis


Take a stroll through the Kapana neighborhood

Plovdiv is a regular host of creative handmade festivals and cultural events. Typically, they are held in the art district of Capana, a busy trade and craft area where everyone can find something interesting.


Take a stroll through the Old Town

In order to feel the spirit of a tranquil Plovdiv, you must walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of the architectural and historical reserve "Ancient Plovdiv". Here you will see authentic medieval and Renaissance architecture. If you are a fan of photography, here you will surely find inspiration in the face of the ensemble of pretty old houses.

The narrow streets of the Old Town in Plovdiv


Visit the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis

You can not miss to visit the Antique Theater of Philippopolis while in Plovdiv. As one of the best preserved Аncient theaters in the world, it is among the main attractions of Plovdiv. It is located on the Three Hills in Plovdiv‘s Old Town, between the Dambambis hill and Taksim hill. If you are lucky, you can become a spectator of some spectacular show, as cultural events are often held on its stage.

Ancient Theater of Philippopolis


Climb up on the hills

What's more romantic than watching the lights of night Plovdiv from the top of one of the hills.


Visit Plovdiv’s museums

Plovdiv is a home to museums that boasts one of the richest collections in the country. The Regional Archaeological Museum is one of the most important cultural institutions in Bulgaria. It has a collection containing more than 100 000 exhibits, related to the history of Plovdiv and the region. No less interesting is the Historical Museum, which is part of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.



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Plovdiv Plovid is the second largest city in Bulgaria, located in the south-central part on the Banks of the Maritsa river. It is famous as the “cultural capital” of Bulgaria being the home of many notable artists and hosting a large number of art galleries and cultural institutions. If you looking for a place to stay, there are more than 100 available hotels in Plovdiv and its surroundings.




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