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Venice - the eternal city on the water

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      |    The traditional gondola of Venice

The magic of Venice is hard to describe in words, you must see it!

Just imagine - the Renaissance palaces... are on the water.

The most famous Palace in Venice is the Palace of the Rain, the main purpose of which is the Assembly government. There people sing odes and serenades about love all year round. Sometimes you can enjoy this singing for hours.

Italy is the country of love. Venice is not exception. In the city there is a "bridge of sighs", but it’s history is not as romantic as its name. Earlier this bridge connected the prison with the Palace. On this bridge, prisoners sentenced to death last time admired the freedom and bid farewell to life. Today it is one of the most crowded places in Venice.

Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square). It is the centre of the city, here is located a beautiful Cathedral around which there are always a lot of pigeons. Tourists like to feed them bread and corn from specialized shops.

Venice is a perfect place for dating, marriage proposal, wedding, or anniversary. Just imagine: night city, water everywhere and two loving people...

As the whole city is surrounded by water, there is no transportation except for the gondola, vaporetto, ferry. There are no cars, trams and buses here.

When visiting Venice, you should try out the local dishes – risotto, lasagna, spaghetti with sauces, and many types of pizza, however, it is possible in very expensive restaurants. Because of the climate products in stores don't last long. But there are excellent bakeries Fario in the city. You can get sandwiches, freshly baked bread, sweet pastries at an inexpensive price and perfect quality.

The main attraction for tourists here is going for a walk by gondola and carnival, which is held there every year in February, since 1094.

Also, in Venice there is a beach that attracts tourists. And what is very important it’s absolutely free.

You won’t go round the city for one day, it takes you at least two weeks. It is the city where man wants to see everything: all the museums, monuments, palaces, exhibitions.

If you are still thinking to go to Venice or not - take a trip! You will not regret! Of course, as in any journey, you may face difficulties but you can overcome them and find a way out of the most uncomfortable situations.

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Venice Venice is Italian city with a population of 264 000 people. It is located on 122 Islands, between which there are more than 400 bridges. The main feature of the city is its location – it is situated on the water. As one of the Top travel destinations in the world, every day Venice has about 50,000 tourists. Part of Venice and its lagoon are listed as a World Heritage Site.

It is a city with the atmosphere of the eternal all-year romance. Many poems and songs were written about this city. The architecture of Venice, designed in the Gothic style, gives it even more mystery. The city is ...


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