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The country on the four Islands, Japan, is pleased to welcome its visitors all year round. Sights of Japan amaze with its diversity and uniqueness. Unique and original nature combined with an unforgettable Japanese culture will make your holiday unforgettable. Antiquity and modernity have merged into one and never cease to delight its tourists. Most tourists come to this unique country to admire the flowering of Japanese Sakura. This is a unique beautiful sight that will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Kyoto and Tokyo: two contrasting and most important cities of Japan

Although the names of two the most popular and economically significant cities in Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo, are composed of almost the same letters, the similarity of these cities is quite small. The relationship between these two cities can be explained as if two twins were separated after birth and both became two completely different people with completely different entity.

When you plan a trip to Japan, you should visit both these cities. If you visit only one of them and don’t visit another you will miss chance to explore the rest part of the culture of this country. As these two cities divides only a few hours train ride, it is very easy to combine a trip around Tokyo and travel to Kyoto in your tour to Japan.

Kyoto is a city that has preserved the rich history and ancient culture of Japan

It occupies the famous historical cities - Nara and Himeji. There are many beautiful temples, shrines, artistic pagodas, historic architecture in Kyoto. And Japanese gardens will delight you with its exoticism and uniqueness. Kyoto is definitely the main city of Japan.

Kinkaku-ji - Golden Pavilion Temple

If Kyoto is the history, Tokyo is the future

Tokyo is the city that will offer you the opportunity to visit the future, and at the same time many ancient castle and churches, as well as countless museums. You will visit the world of electronics and high technologies, progressive fashion, unreal fixtures and unimaginably strange and creative boom! In the daytime the view of this giant city is very beautiful. But night time is also attractive, because there are many amazing lights on the tall buildings that adorn the city. You will find some items in this city that bring you back to the history of Japan and connect you with its tradition. After visiting the popular Kabuki and the Edo Museum you will be able to experience what is Tokyo life before you will go back to the city of the future.

 Tokyo sky tree tallest structure in Japan

While Kyoto and Tokyo are different in many ways, they also have some similarities. They are both very large cities, they have a subway system, which saves your time while traveling, and they offer you a fantastic shopping.

When you visit these charming cities, you realize that Japan is a nation of contrasts and endless skyscrapers!


Every tourist who is going to "celestial" should know the following information

So, tipping is not accepted here. But traditions and rituals are revered with great respect. Their performance for the Japanese is compulsory. These traditions have infiltrated almost all aspects of Japanese life.

People greet each other with a bow, moreover, how respectfully you’ve been greeted, so deferential should be the answer. Hospitality and courtesy are inherent features of Japanese customs. Refusal to attend will not be accepted, so you'll have to "get out" of the situation.

Any action in this country is accompanied by a smile, even if people are talking about something unpleasant. This is often confusing to foreigners, but that is the Japanese nature.

Herewith, they do not brook familiarity, and it does not matter how closely you know this man. This causes a negative attitude. Direct eye contact and active gestures with hands are perceived as a manifestation of aggression.

Purity and hygiene is at the highest level. They attach great importance to the process of table setting, serving dishes, its decoration. Utensil is also very important, it is divided into "male and female" instruments. Each dish is served in its own utensil, and its location on the table is clearly defined. You can't move the dishes on the table. Sticks in a beautiful paper are placed on the mat. You shouldn't stick the sticks into the rice and cross them due to the association about the death. To point out and wave the sticks is a sign of bad tone . The food should not be rearranged on the table. It’s not accepted to drink "to the bottom" and pour themselves. In this case, you pour the glass of your neighbor who, in turn, will do the same for you. For everyone a separate table is allocated. Before eating they wipe  their hands and face with special hot cloth.

Traditional Japanese dishes

Smoking is forbidden in any public places. In homes and cars it is allowed only by the consent of the owner. Stepping on tatami (straw Mat) in shoes is regarded as sacrilegious. Particularly strict this is followed in temples and homes. When you visit the toilet it is accepted to wear special slippers.

Thus, the "celestial Empire" is the area of the planet that will delight any tourist. Incredible shrines, gardens and parks, causing unsurpassed emotions, culture will not leave anyone indifferent. East Trends feel in every breeze. The uniqueness of their being, respect traditions and preserve their culture make this country attractive and unforgettable for tourists. Oriental notes do not disappoint anyone.

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Japan Japan – the land of the rising sun, is a country where culture and traditions are valued most. There are plenty of architectural and historical monuments in Japan. A vast number of both entertaining and cultural heritage places are located on the Japanese territory.

Japan has a lot of interesting places, but Tokyo is the most exciting among them. There are plenty of attractions, which fascinates tourists with their originality, glory, grandeur and beauty.


One of the most visited sights in Japan is Dzen Buddhist temple Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. Every year an enormous number of tou...


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