If you begin to think about vacations and try to think through all possibilities, you will certainly find Thailand among them. People sometimes call this amazing place as "Smile of the earth" and it's not in vain. Thailand is among those places in the world with which the tourists simply fall in love at first sight. Besides, this country has an amazing culture and identity. The visitors will be delighted with the taste of national dishes and unique range of archaeological sites.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is impossible to refuse from seeing the objects such as the beautiful Island Koh Samui, Ayutthaya Park or from a simple walk through the lively, picturesque Bangkok. If you decide to visit this magnificent country, there are places that you must simply visit.

For those who simply want to walk, Pattaya would be the most appropriate place. There is a great variety of entertainment and rich services here, and also sufficient amount of incredible places, visiting of which will deliver a real pleasure, for example, Mongkhon Temple, Mini Siam, Dongtan, Elephant Village and Naklua. Nobody knows exactly why Thailand was called "Smile of the earth". Perhaps, every traveler can only himself  answer this question. While walking in a place like Chiang Mai, which is one of the oldest in the country and is filled with ancient artifacts, and studying the ancient ruins, your wonderful mood will harmonize with a history, and it will answer some questions.

If the smile doesn’t still lit up the face of a tourist, he should surely direct his eyes at such unique attractions as Namtok Mae Sa, Chiang Mai Temple, Mae Sa Elephant Camp and Mae Sa Butterfly Farm. These places will be surely amazing to anyone, most people don't even know about their existence. All of the above is just a drop in the ocean of what Thailand is able to surprise travelers. In this country tourism is on the rise now, service scales new heights, and the reason is obvious. "Smile of the earth" has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to culture, traditions and historical values. Beautiful nature, amazing animal world in combination with the unique architectural monuments will never let go forever the tourist who visited this country.
Smile at Thailand and it will smile back!

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