South Africa

RSA (South Africa) is one of the most visited country among the all destinations of Africa. Every year more than eight million people prefer to spend their holidays here. First of all, the territory of South Africa is remarkable by its natural objects, but it also attracts with its architectural structures.

Most visited cities and resorts of South Africa are Durban, Capetown, Pretoria, Sun City, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg or Bloemfontein. An interesting fact is that South Africa has not one, but three capitals. These are Capetown, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

South Africa is perfect for marine tourism because of its hot climate and excellent geographical position. Many beaches, advanced infrastructure and scenic spots contribute to this. The most popular resorts are Durban, East London, Capetown and Mossel Bay.

The living standard in RSA is lower than in European countries, respectively, the service in hotels is a little below. However, the hospitality of the local people overrides all the cons. In addition, the diversity of sightseeing and picturesque places makes you escape from everyday problems. However, you can choose a hotel in any price category, starting from the personal preferences.

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