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Rome is the city of museums

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  Pixabay    |    The Roman Forum – an open-air museum in the heart of Rome

Everyone knows that there are many different museums in Rome. It can not be otherwise, because Rome is like the world Museum itself.

The number of artifacts stored here does not allow to doubt in this fact even for a minute. Any tourist can’t be justified, if he will allow himself to ignore a large part of the Roman museums. You should have a brief description of museums and its correct work regime for optimal plan of visiting museums.

The most ancient architectural complexes located on the Capitol Square, along with the Palazzo Senatorio, Conservators Palace and New Palace. The author of this Palace complex is Michelangelo himself. He created a project according to which this masterpiece was built. This complex include also magnificent statues of ancient times.

The Capitol Square

The Roman Museum of decorative arts "Palazzo Venezia" is a monumental building, which includes about 28 large exhibition halls, where are exhibited the famous works of renown Italian artists, among them are Giorgione, Vasari, and Lorenzo Bernini. The Keats-Shelley House is next to the Plaza de Espaa, to the right of the Spanish steps. John and Mary were lovers, and besides, they were celebrated Italian poets of the 19th century. But the love story was cut short, Keats had died suddenly.

The Museum of Roman civilization was built in the EUR district, where there is the collection of models of various structures during the time interval from antique up to the reign of the first Roman Pope. The National Roman Museum is located in Palazzo Altemps. The heart and soul of this collection can be considered 3 exhibitions - the collection of the Cardinal Altemps, the Mattei and Ludovisi families. The Napoleonic Museum is in the Palace Primoli. It contains compositive sculptures, weapons and personal things that were the property of the Emperor in different periods of his life.

If you want an early morning walk from the Coliseum through the Arch of Constantin to the Roman forums, it is better to be near the Coliseum almost at the dawn, because by the 9 a.m. the Plaza will be crowded with an incredible number of tourists. When you buy a ticket, you should be aware that it is good for the Forum and the Coliseum. Photographers should know that it’s better to take photos of any architectural structure, including the Coliseum not from the bottom but from the center of the facade. Then the view on the photo will be absolutely imperceptibly distorted. It’s not an easy task to find here a high ground, but you can use a little border – a fence around the Forum.

Coliseum - the symbol of Rome

The Coliseum was built in place of the failed construction of the monumental Royal Summer Palace of Emperor Nero, a lover of poetics and animal orgies, due to which he became famous for ages. The construction of the theater was started by the edict of the Emperor Vespasian in the year 72 during his reign. The eldest son of Emperor Titus opened it, and the youngest son Dominician completed the construction, that entailed the three-month drunkenness. The Coliseum was neglected after the prohibition of the bloody gladiatorial battles. Then Benedict Pope dedicated it to the Christian martyrs, and it saved the later life to the Coliseum.

Constantine disliked Rome and visited it only 2 times. Once he was there during the famous battle. He was then still heathen. He saw a cross in the sky and heard the promise of imminent victory. He really won. Then he converted to Christianity and rebuilt the architectural complex after the victory. Not long ago, the entrance to the Forum was moved to the ViadeiForiImperiale Street. It’s interesting that long before this one man was sitting at this street all the time and drawing the Coliseum. Whether you will buy these Pastorals or not, but 1 Euro is a good cost.

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Rome Rome or Roma in Latin - is the capital of Italy today and the capital of Roman Empire in the past. It is the largest city in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Rome is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, preserved millennial history. It is a true open-air museum and home to many notable landmarks like - the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and many others.



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