Romania is definitely an interesting European tourist destination, in many different aspects. This country will enchant all curious visitors with its magnificent natural beauty, a wide choice of historical landmarks, rich cultural heritage and delicious traditional dishes. Around every corner you can see mystical and majestic castles, Gothic religious temples and ancient Roman monuments.

The presence of mineral springs, sea and mountain, contribute the development of tourism. Mountain resorts in Romania offer excellent conditions for skiing, during the winter season. On the other hand, seaside beach resorts of Mamaia and Mangalia, located on the Black Sea coast, are preferred by many visitors during the summer.

If you've got an issue when choosing travel destination in Romania, then take the example of the other travelers. The answer to this issue is – Transylvania historical region. Situated in the central part of Romania, it is the most visited area by foreign tourists. Transylvania is best known for its picturesque mountain landscape, beautiful medieval towns with Baroque architecture and many historical attractions. The most notable town of Brasov, the famous Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) and Peleș Castle, can be visited here.

In Romanian capital – Bucharest, уоu’ll be faced with an interesting mixture of Socialist and modern architecture, museums and nightclubs. In Constanta, recognized as one of Romania’s cultural centers, you can explore the The Roman Edifice with Mosaic, Genoese Lighthouse and Museum of National history and Archeology.

Plan your trip to Romania, explore and enjoy the unique combination of beautiful nature, culture and history.

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