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Romania: Day trip to Constanta, Part 1 - Museum of national history and archeology

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5491 Posted: 29-06-2016 | from Princess Traveller
Ovid square in the old historical centre of Constanta

Аdventures of the little Princess traveler continue in Constanţa, Romania. We heard about this city, located in the Romanian part of Dobrudja region. One day we woke up and decided to pay him a visit. We enter the route Dobrich-Constanta to the GPS, through CHECKPOINT Kardam and he shows us that Constanta is located less than 100 km. With a 20 minute retention at the border, after about an hour and a half we are in Constanta already. Before heading, we did a little research on the Internet, and we found out that most of the Constanta attractions are situated in the old historical center. We were not familiar with the city and its history, and frankly, we didn't know what to expect. But, for our surprise there were a lot of things to see. We wanted to make a day trip, that is why we decided to visit only the more interesting attractions, and most of them are located in the old historical centre of Constanta. Attractions are literally around every corner. We found a small public car park right next to the Ovid square (Piata Ovidiu). A friend, recommend us GPS application HERE maps, which is working in offline mode. If you carry a smart phone you can install it for free. The application works perfectly, except the route, there is a marked attractions and sights as well. And so, armed with an umbrella and a smart phone, we're walking through the streets of the old town, looking for attractions. Even if you don't have GPS, it's not hard to find your way around, it is just important to get to the Ovid square.

Statue of the ancient Roman poet Ovid

Statue of the ancient Roman poet Ovid in front of the Museum of national history and archeology

The square is also home to the Museum of national history and archeology. The building of the Museum is impressive. It is one of the largest and most important Museums in Romania. The ticket price is 8 Romanian Lei for adults. Small children almost everywhere are admitted for free.

Museum of national history and archeology

Museum Clock Tower

Museum of national history and archeology

Among the exposures of the Museum there are a lot of interesting ancient Roman sculptures, jewelry and stone columns found in the Dobruja region. Since ancient times Constanta has been one of the major sea ports and the cultural center of the region. At the Museum you can see a large part of the cultural heritage of Romania. Interesting historical facts is that, Dacia (nowadays is a brand of the Romanian automobiles), is the name of the ancient country, which has occupied the territory of present-day Romania, before being conquered by the Roman Empire.

Hall of Roman artifacts

Princess travelers were amazed by this representations of Roman grave

Amazing gold jewelry

Exceptionally beautiful, very good preserved stone statue from the Roman inperiya

Stone head of a Roman Caesar

Room with relics from the time of ancient Dacia

The exhibits are even in the corridors of the museum

Map showing the territory of ancient Dacia

The Museum tour took about 40-50 min. Аt an additional cost you can visit also the picture gallery.

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