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Rio de Janeiro: the soul of Brazil, the capital of romance

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In hot Rio life never stops. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most wonderful places for vacation in Brazil, it’s hard to find more vibrant city.

Like the housewife, who prepares spicy and salty brazilian dishes, the beautiful Rio, figuratively speaking, puts in its daily existence all the "spices" that can make it more colourful. Poverty is amazingly combined with luxury and modern architecture. Sun caresses the snow-white ocean beaches during the day, and luxury hotels shine a thousand lights at night. The abundant vegetation decorates all around with exotic flowers, and friendly residents shine with its natural beauty and strike with the changes in tropical temperament.


The location of Rio is very picturesque

It lies like a jewel in someone's big friendly hands between the granite mountains and Guanabara Bay. The hills overgrown with tropical plants surround the city. The famous mountain Sugar Loaf stands above the Bay. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see an amazing panorama: the city, the Bay with many islands, the bridge which links Rio to Niteroi. Along the way, resting on the bottom of the hill, you can try various delicacies in the café and listen to the Brazilian musicians.

Сахарная голова (Pao de Açucar)

Sugarloaf Mountain (Pao de Açucar) | Photo: Flickr


The famous Corcovado

But still the most famous mountain is the Corcovado, because the statue of Christ rises just on it. It seems like it takes the city in its widely open arms. From Corcovado you can also see a beautiful landscape: almost the entire city, the light chain of beaches, the Maracanã stadium, the airport and dozens of Islands in the Bay.

Гора Корковадо

Corcovado mountain | Photo: Flickr


This whole city is made up of contrasts

The modern skyscrapers rise in the centre; the poor neighborhoods and industrial power of the city are concentrated in the North; and the South of the city is famous with rich villas and almost perfect for relaxation. Night life is concentrated in Copacabana. Cinema and restaurants, chic hotels and nightclubs appeal with cool lights and fun music.

Морро дос Празериш

Morro dos Prazeres best known as "Mountain of Pleasures" | Photo: Flickr


Rio Carnival

But, of course, the brightest spark in the city’s life is carnival, a favourite holiday throughout Latin America. The festival lasts for five days, but to make luxurious outfits for a costume contest and hit the public's imagination with rousing Samba, you need to prepare throughout the year. This carnival absorbs millions of dollars, but nobody regrets about it! Costs pay off handsomely. Who can refuse such a luxurious fun, such incomparable spectacle? Lot of unforgettable impressions is the most valuable souvenir for any tourist.

Карнавал, Рио-де-Жанейро

Rio Carnival | Photo: Flickr

For those who saw the carnival even once with their own eyes, it's hard not to agree with the inhabitants of Rio, who consider their city the best place on the planet...

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Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro - the city of Cariocas, is the second largest city in Brazil after Sao Paulo. Explore cultural sights and attractions of Rio de Janeiro and its environs. Find a hotel near Copacabana Beach and the statue of Jesus Christ located on Mount Corcovado.


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