Portugal — the country that has been jokingly called "the border of Europe". This name came out because of its location in the westernmost point of Europe. Portugal is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and by Spain to the north and East.

Portugal is one of the first states that appeared on the map of Europe. Nowadays it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, attracting tourists from all over the world for its beautiful scenery, historic buildings and a rich cultural heritage.

The capital of Potrugal is Lisbon, it is also the center of tourism. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated at the mouth of the Tagus River. It is the only city along the Atlantic coast. The historical center of the Lisbon lies on the seven hills. The architecture in this part is very interesting, as it has the signs of different times.

The most interesting places for sightseeing are: – Lisbon Zoo; – museums of electricity, musical instruments and East; – national museum of ancient art; – Queluz and Belem National Palaces.

Porto  is the former Portugal Capital. It is also a very interesting place. The town has its historical center, which is one of the parts in the historical world heritage. There we can see one of the first botanical gardens for Portugal. All tourists will enjoy walks in the town. They must see Porto`s market and streets. Portu also has famous vine cellars.

By the way, the tourists must visit the port museum one day. They can try alcoholic beverage themselves.

Portugal has different hotels for different tourists. The Portuguese government watches this business pretty strictly. That`s why service stays so good in this country. If the owner of hotel doesn`t meet some requirements, he just can lose his building.

There are some cheap hotels and cookery do those who have not so much money. You can also stay at private houses, small farms. Motels in Portugal are the best places for those who want best possibilities for small price.

Portuguese is the official language in this country. The culture of this land is being influenced by other countries. Cuisine here is diverse. Dry Cod is one of the main dishes. They have thousands of recipes for it. They also love meat here.

It is a developed country. It`s economy considered to be an advanced. Portugal is a member of some international organizations. This country is also known for the vast forest territories. Approximately the fifth part of this land is covered with forests. That is why Portugal sells its forest to other countries of the world.

Animals in this country are like European. There are lots of birds here, because the fly through Portugal when the seasons are changing. There are also a lot of fish types, because the country has its coast. This country developed economical bonds with other part of Europe. And sells them different goods. Every year approximately 10 million of tourists visit Portugal.

The government puts some attention to modern economy and some changes in tax sphere.

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