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Privacy policy

As a visitor and user of this Website (Balcon Del Mundo), you may have questions about the information you provide to us and about how we use it.

Respecting your right to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information, this Privacy Policy would like to explain to you what information we collect on the Website and how we use it.


The information we collect


As a visitor to this Website, to view or to access most of its content, we do not require registration or providing personal information.

If you choose to become an active user on our Website, registration and providing some personal information is required, such as name (s), phone number, e-mail, and other personal information. The collected information will be used by us only for the purpose of processing your requests / orders and contacting you as our client.

In the event that, at your own discretion you make public your personal details, specific details about you or other information about you and your actions on publicly accessible sections of the site, you should know that this information does not apply to the Law for personal data protection and we are not responsible for it.

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