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  • Tall ship ROYAL CLIPPER in Varna bay

    Varna, bay, tall ship

    05.06.2016 | from: Vesso Marinov


    Today I had the opportunity to take a picture of the largest sailing tall ship in the world – ROYAL CLIPPER, which was moored in the Varna Bay.

  • Beautiful horses

    24.12.2015 | from: Vesso Marinov


    I saw these two horses on a trip to the first Bulgarian capital - Pliska. The farm was located near the road and passing from there, this black stallion me a great impression. I could not take a picture of this beautiful animal.

  • Bronze statue in the center of Dobrich

    Dobrich, statue, street photography,

    19.10.2015 | from:


    If you walk around the town of Dobrich, you can see many statue like this.

  • Nessebar sunset

    The Old Nessebar

    04.07.2015 | from:


    The Old Nessebar is a very beautiful place for walks, especially at sunset.

  • Beautiful horses in Vratsa Balkan

    Ledenika, Vratsa Balkan

    12.06.2015 | from:


    Walking through Vratsa Balkan, you will see not only beautiful landscapes but also beautiful horses, walking freely. If you visit Ledenika valog area you may ride one of them and go for a walk in the area.

  • Beautiful sculpture in the center of Varna

    Travel, Varna,

    28.03.2015 | from:


    Walking along the main pedestrian boulevard Slivnitsa in Varna, you can enjoy many beautiful statues.

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