The Philippines, consisting of over 7000 Islands, are one of the most attractive country in the world from a tourist point of view. Here you can find everything you desire: great nature, flora and fauna are not poorer than in the Galapagos Islands, exotic is no less than in Cambodia, infrastructure of beach resorts that is developed not worse than in Thailand, skyscrapers of glass and concrete are not inferior to Singaporean.
Each island of the archipelago has its own tourist image, it is not like the others. The capital of the Philippine – Manila – is a huge metropolis-conglomerate, consisting of 18 cities. All transport centres of the country are concentrated here, from Manila you can reach most of the Islands on the ship or plane. And, of course, there are many attractions and museums in Manila.
The main Islands-resorts of the Philippines are Boracay Island, Cebu, Bohol, Mindoro, Mactan, Panglao. Although there are many others that deserve attention. All your life is not enough to visit each of the Philippine Islands.
The main attractions of the Philippines are volcanoes. Because of them, the Philippines is often included in reports on extraordinary events, earthquakes are not uncommon here. One of the most attractive from the tourist point of view is Ano, with a height of 2954 meters.
There are many architectural attractions in the Philippines. One of the most interesting is Fort Santiago, located near Manila. It hasn’t almost changed since the 16th century. Also there are many original and very interesting churches in this country: the Manila Catholic Cathedral, the Church of St. Augustine, located in the capital, the Bell Church in Baguio and many others.
The coast of the Philippines is one of the best places in the world to practice water sports. Great waves allow you to surf at a professional level, and the underwater world attracts divers. The nightlife seethes on many Philippine Islands: discos on the sand under the open sky, parties in bars and clubs, world famous DJs.
The tourism industry in the Philippines is developed well. Here you can find hotels for every taste and budget - from the elite class to economy. The "wild" islands highlight  in a separate category, there you can relax away from people and civilization in the bungalow.

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