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Peru is famous for its ancient sacred monuments sprawled along the Amazon river. Extraordinary sceneries and a great variety of wildlife attract the tourists. Here is located the well-known Machu Picchu, filled with relics of the cultural heritage. On the territory of the state there are also many protected areas that captivate with their beauty, untouched by human hand. People pay particular attention to the natural protection in Peru.

The climate here is very hot, the air is moist. It seldom rains. The air temperature is about the same throughout the year. In addition to beach tourism another kinds of tourism are widely spread in Peru, for example, ecotourism. Besides this, tourists prefer to spend an active holiday - surfing, diving or visiting different excursions.

Resorts in Peru are predominantly seaside. These are Huanchaco, Puno, Mancora, Trujillo and others. But there are also ski resorts. The most popular is Pastoruri. This place is appreciated by lovers of skiing not only in Peru, but also in the Latin America.

The main attractions of the state include the ancient city of Machu Picchu, beautiful Lake Titicaca, Pyramid Complex of Tucume, mysterious Nazca Desert, the legendary Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.

It is not difficult to find a hotel for your stay in Peru, there are variants within every budget. The peak tourist flow falls on the summer, so in this case it is better to book a tour in advance. Vacations here are in great demand. Being on the territory of this oldest state, you can plunge into the history of ancient times and feel that atmosphere. Holidays in Peru will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of the unusual.

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