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Mexico is a large state in Central America. The country is world famous for its historical monuments remained after the great civilizations of the Maya and the Aztecs. There are museums, architectural sights and tropical rainforests there. Hot Mexican food and local alcohol traditions will surely suit culinary tourism lovers’ taste.

When people speak about Mexico, first of all they mean monuments of the Maya and Aztecs era. Tourist itineraries run through Teotihuacan, an abandoned Indian city, where the Sun and Moon pyramids, the Temple of Feathered Serpent and residential buildings are located. The pyramid in Cholula attracts special attention. It exceeds Egyptian pyramids in terms of volume.

Chichen Itza is considered to be a unique monument of the ancient civilizations. It is included in the UNESCO World Treasure List. There are also some other Indian cities with splendid architecture in Mexico: Tula (the capital city of the Toltecs), Uxmal, Palenque, Mayapan and others.

Mexican tourist industry is quite developed. There are hotels which will suit every pocket: Granturismo premium-class and special category hotels, budget hostels and hunting seats where small and tidy rooms and homemade Mexican cuisine are offered.

Traditional Mexican cuisine is quite hot, but in spite of that it is delicious. Mexican snacks deserve to be extra mentioned: nachos, takoz, chimichanga, tostadas, quesadilla, corn flitters with filing from pepper, cheese, mince and tomatoes.

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