Italy – "la dolce vita" — the land of wine, ice cream, pizza, ancient Rome and Renaissance artists.

The Italian Republic is located in the southern part of the Old World. This country borders France, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria. Most of the northern boundary is formed by the Dolomites, they are also a part of the Alps. In the center of the Italy there are the Apenine Mountains. They lie through north to south. This part separates western and eastern coast.

Italy is surrounded by the several seas, which attract many tourists every year. It borders Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian sea to the south and Tyrrhenian sea to the west. All these seas are a part of the Mediterranean.

Italy is world-renowned fashion center. Milan is one of the biggest Italian city and it is considered as the capital of the fashion industry. The most expensive fashion houses and brands are located here. But Italy is also known for its history and Traditional Italian cuisine.

This country has history that is really reach in events. It`s territory was occupied by Rome before Christ. As one of the most powerful empires in the Ancient World, Rome bequeathed to us many unique architectural monuments, many of the world's most important works of art and cultural heritage sites.

But Italy also is an interesting place for many people, because it is a world center of the Catholicism. Its headquarter is the Vatican City in Rome, ruled by Bishop of Rome – the Pope.

Italian cuisine also deserves our special attention. Reliance on traditional products is the main key to success here. Natural fruits and vegetables, grown under the bright sun on the Italian fields, pizza and pasta. Everyone knows the famous mozzarella cheese, traditionally made from Italian buffalo milk, using pasta filata method. Delicious Italian dishes go hand in hand with Italian red wine, As the ancient Romans used to say –  “In vino veritas”.

The weather in Italy is mostly warm. The summer is long – it is already warm in the middle of April. The first December decade is the time when the temperature goes down. In the northern part of the country the weather is wet – snowy.

Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visit Italy. That`s why this country has a great infrastructure, which is built due to world standards. Prices in the Hotels are almost the same as in the other parts of Europe. Rooms in houses, hostels are for those who want to minimize money spending. People must not afraid to stay in the private houses. The Italians are usually glad to see some guests from other countries.

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