Ortaköy Mosque

It is difficult to find a word that would describe the immense size of Istanbul better than the word "megapolis". With its 15 million inhabitants, located between Europe and Asia, Istambul is the third most densely populated city on the "Old Continent" after Moscow and London. But Istanbul has another feature that can shock tourists who are accustomed to the "European" city concept. And these are the contrasts. Istanbul is in a constant balance between East and West, ancient and modern.

When you come to Istanbul from a European city, you have to forget about the identical architecture, organized traffic and many other rules that have accompanied you throughout your life.

The most significant contrasts in Istanbul are the architectural ones. You can see the difference between the Ottoman style of the Topkapi Palace, once owned by the Sultan, now a museum and the European architecture of Dolmabahçe Palace or the new Museum of Contemporary Art!

Istanbul is a city where something constantly changes - a city that is always on the move. You can come back in a year to see that there is something completely different in place of the palace you admire or in the square you were walking on.


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