Indonesia is a real Paradise for tourists. The majestic volcanoes here are combined with blue lagoons, national parks and reserves, historical and cultural monuments. Any traveler will find in this country something that appealed to him.

The most popular resorts here are Bali, Sumatra and Java, as well as the capital of the country – Jakarta. You will like the heavenly beaches with clear water, that no man had ever seen, and huge volcanoes around them in combination with green tropical vegetation. And not far from these splendid places there are Buddhist and Muslim temples for local residents, architecture, and other cultural attractions.

Hotels are ranked here by the world system from 1 to 5 stars. In many hotels it is customary to charge a Deposit on the tourists in the form of small sum of money, which is returned upon departure if you room is in pristine condition. In Bali, accommodation in hotels is more expensive than in the country on average, but the level of service and the choice of hotels are much higher here. In places where there are not large concentrations of tourists, you can stay only in the guest house with almost no amenities.

All attractions of Indonesia should be divided into natural and cultural. The natural include the Monkey Forest in Bali, the Elephant Safari Park at Taro Village, Birds and Reptiles Park in Tannenbaum, Komodo National Park, Lorentz National Park in Papua, Ujung Kulon National Park on the island of Java, the sacred mountains Batukaru and Agung, volcano Batur, that is presently active, as well as Beratan Lake and waterfall Sukumpol. The cultural attractions include the Monas Monument in Jakarta, symbolizing independence, the Buddhist Borobudur temple and the Prambanan Temple Complex, built in the middle ages on the island of Java, Besakih Temple and Uluwatu Temple, Elephant Cave, Gianyar Castle and the ancient town Almapura on the island of Bali.

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