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Brazil is located in Latin America and it is one of the largest countries. By the number of tourists Brazil takes the second place among the countries of South America. The country offers several types of tourism – historical, ecological and cultural tourism. Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Income from the inbound tourism increases with every year. This is due not only to the improving quality of provided services, but also to the fact that many countries were issued a permit for visa-free entry into the country.

The capital of Brazil is a city with a similar name, similar concordant Brasilia. This is the most extraordinary capital in the world, Oscar Niemeyer was the architect of its buildings. The most interesting places of the city are Triangular Square, the National Hotel, the National Theatre. The city itself has an amazing quietness and quaint buildings.

Every tourist when visiting Brazil deems it his duty to see such attractions as statue of Christ the Redeemer, located on Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro. At the foot of this statue, that became a symbol of the country, there is a small area, that provides an amazing city view.

Ipanema Beach is also located in Rio de Janeiro. It is situated in the most fashionable area of the city. Different cyclists, skateboarders and fans of the roller skates come here for active recreation.

Copacabana Beach is no less popular than Ipanema. Earlier, it was separated from Rio de Janeiro by the mountain and it was a wild place, unknown for people. But soon a tunnel was built through the mountain and the beach became civilized and won an honorable position among the city's beaches.

For traveling to Brazil it is better to choose a time when there are no global holidays, because in these days the local citizens like to visit the sights, that is not convenient for tourists.

When booking a hotel room the family couples should take into account that not all hotels accept guests with children, as if this was not weird, but it is. You should choose a hotel closer to the center of the city where you decide to stay. Accommodation in the apartments is a good variant, it is cheaper and comfortable enough.

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