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Historic Munich – it's worth a visit

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      |    Munich's old town overview

Munich – the capital of Bavaria, is an enchanting town, world-famous for its brewing traditions and "Oktoberfest". But besides the big breweries, Munich is also famous for its rich cultural heritage, historical monuments and museums. In Munich and its surroundings can be visited beautiful palaces and castles from different eras, each featuring a unique architecture and history.

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and getting around its streets can be quite a challenge. In order not to get confused, it is best to start your tour from the Old town as the main attractions are concentrated here.

The historic centre of Munich is the “Marienplatz” square, which is one of the main attractions of the city. In its centre stands the column of the Virgin Mary, best known as "Marian column".  An underground station located on the square, gives you easy access to Marienplatz from all parts of Munich. From the founding of the city in 1158, the square was the main place for all public events, celebrations, competitions and knightly tournaments. During the middle ages, the square has played an important role in the economic life of Munich. It has been used as a trade market. In 1972 the "Marienplatz" had become entirely pedestrian zone and nowadays it is one of the most visited places in the city. Munich's main shopping streets “Kaufingerstraße”, starts here. There are lots of shops and restaurants serving local cuisine and Beer.

Marienplatz square in Munich

At Marienplatz square you can seen another unique landmark – the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus). The building was built in a Gothic style, during the period 1867-1908, as the seat of the local government. It consists of 400 rooms and an area of 9159 m2. The uniqueness of the "New Town Hall" lies in its richly decorated, clock tower. Every day at 11 and 12 h you can hear her bells ringing and see small human figures performing a battle scenes.

The tower of St. Peter's church

Less than 100 m, from the “New Town Hall”, is the Church of St. Peter. It was built on the remains of another temple, older than the city itself. Climbing the Bell Tower, you will have a great overview of Munich. Climbing the 306 steps to the top is worth it! This point is perfect if you want to take a picture of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary – the most popular attraction in Munich, known as the "Frauenkirche". The building was built in the middle of the XV century, entirely from red bricks, giving it an unique appearance. The Frauenkirche Cathedral has preserved its authenticity through the centuries to become a symbol of the Bavarian capital.

Another attractions that also deserves your attention is the small but exclusively beautiful church "Azamkirhe", at Sendlinger Street. Although it is stuck between the residential buildings, it stands out for its impressive façade. Built in the Baroque style, the church is an example of architectural masterpiece.

Inside the church "Azamkirhe"

As a former capital of the Bavarian Kingdom, Munich is a home of many beautiful castles as the medieval "Blutenburg". It was built in 1439 as a hunting residence of Albert III – the Duke of Bavaria. The castle is connected with many legends and stories about love. It is located in picturesque area, surrounded by the river Würm, a lake and a beautiful park. “Schloss Blutenburg"– as it is called, is a traditional neo-Gothic Palace, with pointed red roofs and white walls.

Nimfenberg Palace

The other must visit Palace in Munich is „Nymphenburg” (literally: “The Castle of Nymphs"). This is not just a Palace, but complex of buildings, parks, river channels and gardens. The Palace complex was built at the end of the XVII century, in the Baroque style. Later additional buildings in Rococo stile were added, combining in a perfect harmony. The Palace attracts a lot of tourists and rightly has been considered as one of the main attractions of Munich.

Presented in such a light, it becomes clear that Munich is not only the brewing capital of Bavaria, but also a city rich of historical and cultural heritage worth visiting.

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Munich The capital of Bavaria, Munich is located on the river Isar in the southern region of the country. This area is known primarily due to its brewing traditions, because this city hosts the folk festival Oktoberfest. Since Munich was founded in the XII century, it is also interesting by its historical and cultural sites. Tourists visit the symbol of the city - the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the oldest church of Munich - St. Peter's Church, St. Michael's Church with the Royal tomb, as well as Pinakothek and Glyptothek museums founded by Louis I of Bavaria. Munich'...


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