Greece is extremely popular with tourists. According to the Greek Government data, every year over 20 million tourists from all over the world visit that country. Greece is located in the southern part of Europe, washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea.

Greece is comprised of 2000 large and small islands, such as: Thassos, Zakynthos, Crete and Mykonos – which are considered as one of the most popular islands in the world. The picturesque island of Santorini — is often called the most romantic place on the planet with the most beautiful sunset. In 2011 it was voted as "The World's Best Island".

A large tourist flood to Greece can be explained by the fact that the Greek civilization is considered to be one of the most developed in the Ancient World. The Ancient Greeks left behind innumerable amount of architectural monuments and cultural traditions. Greek scientists’ names who worked in Hellas (the name given to the country by the Greeks) have been known so far. Many outstanding people worked in Greece. Some of them are – Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Archimedes, Plato, Socrates.

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Located in the central part of the country, it’s not only administrative, but also its cultural and economic center. The Acropolis — located on a high rocky hill above Athens, remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece.

Some of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were located in Greece, such as the Colossus of Rhodes. There are some other attractions which are not less beautiful and interesting. Tourist’s imagination is stricken by the grandeur of such ancient buildings and natural landmarks as: – Parthenon, Knossos, the Temple of Hephaestus, the White Tower of Thessaloniki, Meteora, Mount Olympus, Mount Athos, Melissani Cave and many other famous names and buildings.

Greece is situated in the subtropical climate zone. It means that summer is hot and dry there, and winter is mild and rainy. There are 310 sunny days in Greece during a year. Tourists are recommended to visit Greece from April to the beginning of June as at this time it is not very hot there, but beach season has been already opened. If the visit to Greece coincides with summer months, you had better set out to islands for the nearby location of the seas smooths a heat wave there.

The Greek tourism infrastructure is highly developed. The local Ministry of Tourism is enormously engaged with hotel modernization as well as perfection of the work of travel agents and tour operators, as a matter of fact 15% of the Greek Gross Domestic Product falls at tourism. Greece has quite an unusual hotel gradation, from L (Luxe) to E (Economy, the lowest hotel grade). There are a vast number of all-inclusive hotels in that country. It should be noted that you can safely set out to Greece along with your children as most hotels have attractions for kids as well as entertainments for young tourists.

You had better book hotel rooms in Greece beforehand. There are not vacant rooms left by the beginning of the season in most hotels.

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