Germany is located in the central part of the European continent that partly predetermined its tourist appeal. Being an advanced and prosperous state, it is characterized by a mild climate, excellent infrastructure, impeccable service and historic sites. According to statistics, it ranks 3rd in the list of most visited countries in Europe.

In the South-East of Germany is Bavaria — the region of greatest interest among the guests. Wonderful landscapes and the beauty of the Alps foothill attract tourists from all over the world. It also hosts the famous folk festivals Oktoberfest and Landshuts wedding.

The popular routes in Germany are Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and, of course, the capital Berlin.

Due to the peculiarities of the geographical location and the huge cultural and historical heritage, many tourist destinations has developed in this country, for example, ski vacation, medical and Spa services, cruises, event tourism. The festival "Rhine in flames", mineral springs and mud baths, active vacation in Zugspitz and Berchtesgaden - all that is diverse and wonderful Germany.

Among the attractions of the country located in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, romantic castle Noivanstain and Linderhof - the only Palace of the king Ludwig II that was completed during the monarch’s life are popular among the tourists. Brandenburg gates in Berlin and one of the largest religious buildings on the continent Cologne Cathedral — are the masterpieces of architecture that are also of great interest to travellers.

The fans of private and relaxing holiday appreciate the scenery of the Rhine valley and the Black forest, where they can enjoy unspoiled nature and silence.

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