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Famous sights of Paris

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Paris is a city that every tourist wants to visit. The capital of France impresses by its magnificence. It’s very difficult to find a city that has such quantity of monuments of world architecture, museums and galleries filled with the works of the best masters of art.

For spending a holiday with benefits the traveller needs to know firmly where he wants to go. Because even ten years won’t be enough to explore all interesting places in Paris. Therefore, it is better to choose a few sights that you really want to look and concentrate on them. The main city of France stuns with the number of famous historic monuments and museums. But there are places that every tourist must visit.

List of the most famous attractions

Include: the Eiffel tower, symbol of France; the Louvre, the great repository of historical and artistic relics; the Triumphal arch, which will remind you on the legendary Emperor; Notre-Dame de Paris, symbolizing eternal love.

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel tower was constructed in the late nineteenth century for the world exhibition with the sole purpose - to impress its visitors. Initially the future symbol of France was intended to dismantle after the exhibition, but Paris dealers did not expect that the tower will pay back in the exhibition and will become the most popular place in the city. More than a century the Eiffel's structure gives the capital a net profit. To inspect the tower from the square is one thing, quite another is to admire the views of Paris from height of bird's flight, sitting in the restaurant. But only wealthy tourists can afford themselves this quirk. To get to the Eiffel tower is easy. Any Parisian will be able to show the traveler a route.

Eiffel tower

Triumphal arch

After visiting Elysian fields (Champ Elysee), by the way, it’s another "visiting card" of the capital, you can see the Grand triumphal arch, created in 1836 in honor of the great victories of the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. His last refuge was the island of St. Helena, where he finished his great life path in exile. This architectural masterpiece is one of the wonders of Paris. If you hire a guide he will tell you about the importance of each bas-relief on the Triumphal arch. Although self-inspection can quietly grow into a fabulous walk along the Champ Elysee avenue and acquaintance with the other wonders of this city.

The Triumphal arch


The Louvre is the Palace of French kings, rarely a tourist does not visit it during his trip. How can he then tell about the great "Mona Lisa", which affects his spiritual consciousness and left an indelible impression. The only problem is that to get into the Louvre is very difficult. And the matter is not in the price. It’s because of the huge influx of tourists who come to Paris purposely to visit the greatest Museum. But do not worry, the knowing people can always tell that there are the neighbors near the Louvre, that have also unique and varied collections and much less visitors. There is no queue in such places that is good for the impatient travelers.


Notre-Dame de Paris

Many people have read the novel "The Notre Dame Cathedral", but not everyone knows that just this work has saved the Cathedral. Victor Hugo wrote this novel specially to save the Cathedral from destruction. Thanks to the popularity of this novel has been generated the movement to rescue the Gothic attractions. Therefore, it would be sacrilege not to visit this Holy place, where such tragic events were unfolded in the novel. Moreover, as the historians say, the place where the Notre Dame Cathedral was built is peculiar. During its construction, which lasted nearly two centuries, the stones of the Romanesque Cathedral were used. But still the main highlight of the Cathedral is terrible gargoyles, that are vigilantly watching the visitors!

The Notre Dame Cathedral

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Paris Known as the city of love - Paris is among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The French capital has become a symbol of love that every traveler desire and should visit at least once - even without a mate. Elegant architecture, green parks, the aroma of French perfume and roasted chestnuts, which is in the air, are only a small part of the charm of Paris. If you plane to visit Paris, we can help you find a hotel near the Louvre Museum, city tour or a ticket for the Eiffel Tower.



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