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  • Skiing in Parshevitsa resort, Vratsa Balkan

    winter, ski, resort, Vratsa

    05.01.2016 | from: Vesso Marinov


    If you are in northwestern Bulgaria, or planning visiting this area during the winter, you should visit the Vratsa Balkan, in particular the ski area Parshevitsa. It is located 1280 m. above the sea level, just 25 km. from Vratsa. Parshevitsa is very beautiful and picturesque area, especially in the winter is like a fairy tale in white.

  • Boat trip on the river Veleka

    Boat trip, river Veleka, Sinemorets, Bulgaria

    18.09.2015 | from:


    If you visit the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts Ahtopol or Sinemorets, do not miss to take a boat trip on the river Veleka. Beginning of the route is close to the iron bridge at the entrance of the village Sinemorets.

    Boating on the River Veleka

    Boating on the River Veleka

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