Egypt - the country of the Pharaohs and the majestic pyramids.The tours in that ancient country are some of the most interesting and cheap. Many people come here to spend their holidays at the seashore, but real connoisseurs come to Egypt to enjoy the historical monuments. In Egypt is the whole lot of them!

Starting with the pyramids of Giza, which are one of the world wonders. Because it is still unknown how exactly these powerful structures were built that stand for centuries. It is worth only to see the Sphinx. According to the legend of ancient Egyptians the Sphinx was the guardian of temples and tombs at the state territory. To enjoy these beauties order the hot tours to Egypt and you will never regret! Many tourists enjoy visiting the Valley of Kings, which was built tentatively in the 11-14 century BC. This amazing place is shrouded in many mysteries. A large number of mummies and other archaeological artifacts were found here. By the way, right here was found the legendary mummy of the Upper and Lower Egypt ruler Tutankhamen. The find was discovered by G. Carter in 1922. Everybody is amazed that the tomb remained intact and that the ancient robbers didn’t touch it. These and many other secrets you can discover directly by visiting Egypt. You would better start sightseeing from the Historical Museum in Cairo. Here there are thousands of artifacts associated with ancient Egypt. There is also a separate room in Museum where the true mummies are stored! It's restricted for nervous because many people panic and even faint.

The mysteries of Ancient Egypt are unexplained for archaeologists, the ancient priests had thoroughly classified everything. But why not just enjoy their works

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