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Dubrovnik is undoubtedly the most popular city in Croatia, and its beauty can hardly be described in simple words. Located on the Adriatic coast in the historic Dalmatia region, it is one-of-a-kind world travel destination that will leave unforgettable memories in each visitor with its rich cultural heritage and historical past.

This ancient city founded in the 7th century, enjoys a tourists' attention throughout the year. One of the main reasons is the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites list.  

But Dubrovnik is not only historical monuments, it can offer much more. Behind the fortress walls of the Old City, you can find all the comforts of the modern world. The overall picture is complemented by a magnificent beach, combined with picturesque mountains, which reveal spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea, great restaurants with delicious Croatian cuisine and harmonious architectural ensemble.

Many are those who deservedly called Dubrovnik – "Pearl of the Adriatic".

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