Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a Central European country which is considered to be a tourist center of the region. Tourists come here from throughout the world. It is located in the middle of the European continent, bordered by other tourist countries - Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany.

The Czech Republic is world famous for its Czech beer. Practically each city has its own beer recipe. However, the Czech Republic is famous not only for its beer. Karlovy Vary, one of the largest Central European spa towns first mentioned in the medieval time, is located here. Nowadays Karlovy Vary is a unique natural object. Mineral springs of the health resort cure a lot of ailments. Apart from that, lovers of therapeutic tourism can set out to Teplice, one of the most ancient Czech spa towns.

The climate in the Czech Republic is temperate with quite a warm summer (the average temperature +24 ºC) and snowy cool winter. Experienced tourists advise to visit the Czech Republic from the end of April till the end of June as at this time the weather is rather warm, and the sky is clear. Czech ski resorts are worth visiting in the end of February for the flood of tourists tends to drop at this time, but there is still quite much snow.

There are a lot of attractions and landmarks on the small territory of the Czech Republic. For instance, medieval buildings of Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Plzeň attract plenty of tourists. Lovers of tasty food are recommended to visit Plzeň where there are a lot of restaurants of classical Czech cuisine and quite delicious beer. Charles University is also a must to see. It is the oldest educational institution in Europe. The residents advise tourists to go for a stroll in the historical center of Prague. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

If you head off to the Czech Republic, you should find a place to stay beforehand. There are a lot of large, luxury hotel chains in that country including Marriott, Hilton and Ibis. Private hostels and guesthouses at a small price (less than 20 € a day) are available for budget tourists.

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