It’s should not even speak about the tourist attractiveness of China. Rich excursion program, including the heritage of ancient civilizations, the world's best shopping, great beach resorts - all that can be found here. Not without reason China is among the world's three leaders by the number of tourists. The business centers are constructing in Hong Kong, the casinos are actively working in Macau, and the luxury hotels like mushrooms after the rain are growing in Hainan. For all that the prices don’t increase, what is especially attractive for visitors.

The capital of China is Beijing. The city is constantly and rapidly evolving, without losing its separate identity. Here people hallow the memory of the past and take care carefully of the sights, which are a lot in the main Chinese city. There are numerous Imperial palaces, which are more like towns, and Buddhist temples, and even a mausoleum. It is worth noting the Beijing squares. The main, Tiananmen Square, is rightfully considered to be the heart of the country. It is the largest square in the world.
In China there are many interesting cities for tourists: Harbin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and many others. We should also mention the regions with special status - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet. Some of you might wonder that all of them are also China.
The main Chinese attraction, the landmark of the country is the Great Wall of China. There is no one sightseeing tour around the country without visiting it. The numerous monasteries are also worthy of attention, in particular the famous Shaolin Temple, the temples and palaces scattered over the country. In all, China has 750 unique cultural monuments and 200 natural monuments. 99 cities were marked as worthy of attention and have cultural and historical value.

In China you can find vacation spot for every taste. The beach resorts of Hainan are very popular worldwide. The ski complexes are much less known, however, they are enough in the Land of the Rising Sun too. One of the best is considered to be Yabuli. And of course, it should also be said about Tibet. People come here to find harmony, peace, and sometimes to improve their health.

Holiday in China is focused on different category of tourists. You can travel as economy class, so go on a luxury tour. In any city in the country there is a large choice of hotels, restaurants and bars, Spa centres and, of course, shopping areas. Shopping is another major Chinese entertainment, without which - no cost, no trip.

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