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Central Dalmatia – the birthplace of Beauty

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      |    Houses with red tile roofs - typical of Croatian architecture

In Central Dalmatia there are all things which tourist Croatia is famous: tender and beautiful Adriatic Sea, furry pines under the waves, grandiose cities and “toy” towns, green mountains, oddly-shaped islands plus fantastic beautiful and powerful waterfalls. And most importantly for you is all these things are around, whatever area of the coast you are settled. Even the airport is here, in the region near the glorious Split city. This region is compact and very easy for traveling and resorts Paradise.

Just do not think that all this variety is available to everyone and in any time. The crisis in Europe is over, and its inhabitants precipitate again the Croatian hotels. Do not spend your time aimlessly! Croats appreciate tourists!

So, look closer the main jewels of Central Dalmatia


Beautiful Makarska

In Croatia it is not accepted and you will not want to sit every time in the hotel — everyone wants to see the neighbourhood and then the other territory of the country. Perhaps that is why the territory of the institutions of hospitality is compact like in Europe. But the service is at the altitude here. And the beaches in Central Dalmatia are the best in Croatia. Broad lanes of small pebbles are good for families with children.

Makarska beach line

Many hotels invites tourists to the Dalmatian coast, including the Islands. The service is good and different, so it’s up to you to choose. Besides, there are many private villas suitable for large families or singles who value independence. But our tourists prefer the hotels, that provide a full range of travel services.

            The most compact and the most famous resort area on the continent is called the Makarska Riviera. The name of the coast comes from the old town Makarska, where there are many Roman, Medieval and Renaissance monuments. Rivera runs for 40 miles. The climate here is particularly mild: mountains of the National Park "Biokovo" are situated in the North, they protect the area from gray clouds and cold winds. On the Makarska Riviera curly pines swing friendly to the azure waves, and the waves wash the roots of these emerald green beautiful pines. And the smell! ...  Sea breeze mixes with pine spirit and we have a unique cocktail that one can enjoy free without risking to get drunk. Well, except a little...


Split is impossible to confuse

The main city of Middle Dalmatia can't be bypassed, and not only by the way from the airport. Split is the second largest and significant city in the whole Croatia after the capital Zagreb and the second on the cultural-historical attractiveness after Dubrovnik. Split celebrated recently its 1700 anniversary. Now the Palace, surrounded by fortified walls, is an interesting urban area, where there are Roman baths and temples and from the middle ages — even the Cathedral church, Renaissance palaces and other attractions that are listed in the UNESCO world heritage.

Lovely view of the marina in Split

The spirit of antiquity is colorful combined with the charm of the sea town: amusing restaurants, flower paradise bushes, seaside promenade... The local people on the streets are also notable. Natives of Split has repeatedly brought here the crowns from the world beauty pageants and sport trophies of Wimbledon and NBA. Accordingly, the beauty and sport industries are also well developed in the city. People from all over the Europe are heading here for training and competitions in tennis and football. In addition, Split is famous by the sea, not only by the beach but also by the underwater world. European divers like the merchant Greek ship near the city, which sank at a depth of 20-55 meters. Everyone reveals its secrets in its own way... From the hotels of the coast you can easily visit the other cities. For example, Dubrovnik, which is administratively belongs to the South of Dalmatia, but geographically is not far away. This is the most majestic and sophisticated city of Croatia named by UNESCO as one of the most precious jewels of the Renaissance, along with Venice and Amsterdam. You can also visit Šibenik with its medieval castles and tall Cathedral, Zadar with the Roman mayors and the sea organ, as well as numerous smaller towns, each of which has its own "flavor" and "pearls".


Brač and Hvar

There are more than thousand Islands in Croatia. The most popular Islands in Central Dalmatia are Brač and Hvar. The Golden Horn on Brač is the "visiting card" of the country — it’s a yellowish spit of small pebbles that extends far into the sea and "winds", depending on coastal streams, like the tail of a "beautiful monster." You can visit islets and islands of Central Dalmatia on cruises, or to rent a boat with skipper. It is really to arrange a Robinson Crusoe somewhere in a desert, but a magical piece of land where there are only a lighthouse and a bungalow... It’s so romantic!

Golden Horn on Brac


To outvoice the Krka

Our tourists well know already one water Paradise of Croatia — it's the Plitvice lakes. But it is a few hundred kilometers from the "Makarska" resorts and nearly a hundred euros. Not everyone knows that in Croatia such Paradise is not one, and the second is in Dalmatia. And if Plitvice is such an infinite Japanese water garden, filled with a quiet gurgling, the Krka river corresponds to its tough name: here there is a murmuring silence and violent "Niagara". The length of Krka is only 72 kilometers. This river has seven major waterfalls, each of which is a cascade itself. The difference between the lowest and the highest is 242 meters. Each waterfall has its own name: Bilusic (over 22 meters), Brljan (15,5), Manojlovic (almost 60 meters, the main step is 32 m.), Miljacka (about 24), Roshnyak (8), Rosca (22,5) and finally, Skradinski (has 17 steps, its total height is almost 46 metres!). A dozen enchanting lakes are situated between them, the largest of which stretches for 13 kilometers.

The basis of this cascade of miracles is calcareous deposits formed from mineral water. The stone grows here not fast as at the Plitvice lakes, and nevertheless herbs and branches in the water turn to stone gradually, and the shores change their shape with time.

Krka Waterfall

We have reviewed only the most striking places in Central Dalmatia. More you can see directly in Croatia. Get the tour without the extra money and intermediaries. And believe, you will not name your trip as ordinary.

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Croatia Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the South Eastern part of Europe. On its territory there are many lakes, hills and mountains covered with forests. The rocky coast of the Adriatic Sea and the famous regions, Istria, Primorje and northern Dalmatia, are situated Southwest. Adriatic coast of Croatia, as well as the numerous islands are a popular tourist destination.


As a country with thirteen centuries of cultural history, Croatian has preserved many monuments, art and scientific works. In Croatia there are six monuments of world heritage and eight national parks.



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