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Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, the second after Russia. This large state is washed by three oceans: the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic. Canada borders on one country — the USA. The center and the eastern parts of the country are mainly valleys and plains, the western territories are occupied by the Cordilleras.

Canada is famous for its picturesque nature throughout the world. However, the country has also architectural sights which amaze the tourists.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Despite the fact that Ottawa is a young city, there are a number of interesting sights here: the Basilica of Our Lady, Museum of Civilization, the Church of St.Bridget, as well as numerous parks (Confederation Park, Aquapark, Zoo, Gatineau Park, Major’s Hill Park and others).

Toronto is the largest city, financial and cultural center of Canada. There are green areas and many parks in Toronto, including High Park, the oldest Park in Canada. Another Park — Toronto Island Park — is also very impressive, it is located on 18 Islands, which are separated from each other by lagoons. The major sight of Toronto is the CN tower, the second tallest tower in the world.

Canada has the well-developed tourist infrastructure, what is reflected in the quality of services and their diversity. Hotels get stars according to the decision of independent judges. It is worth noting that the classification system of the canadian hotels is voluntary, so often it happens that one-star hotel is not inferior to five-star hotel.

There are accommodation options for people with different incomes. Luxury hotels are located in historical buildings and palaces, Econom hotels — in small houses. Rooms in these hotels are always clean and neat, because the Canadians are closely watching this. There are also "Bed&Breakfast" hotels.

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