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Cairo is the capital of the ancient state of Africa and the largest city on the continent. It is situated on the banks of the river Nile. The population of Cairo nowadays is about 16 million people. The city surprises tourists with its unique history, praising him for the whole world. Cairo was ruled by the pharaohs and just here were preserved the ancient pyramids, which attract annually crowds of curious travelers all over the world.
The ancient part of the city is located on the East bank of the Nile. From this place the city was originated, with its vast lands. The historical part represents the Islamic side of Cairo. The modern part of the city was built in the last century, it is similar to the major European cities. The islet Zamalek is situated in the Central part of the city, its shores are washed by the waters of the Nile. This islet is not empty, on the contrary, the most luxury hotels of the capital can be found here.

Cairo is also famous for its largest Opera House. The lovers of cultural tourism will be delighted to visit the art galleries of the city or the National Museum. At the oldest Oriental Bazaar Khan El-Khalili tourists can buy all sorts of souvenirs, teas, pottery, papyrus.

Fans of the Ancient Egypt can experience the atmosphere of that time going to the Pharaoh's village. Traveling through the Nile’s canals tourists can see the sculptures of the ancient Egyptian Gods. Also, the tourists can learn a common way of life of the ancient Egyptians, manufacture of papyrus, laundry, modeling of dishes and more.

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