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  • Romania: Day trip to Constanta, Part 1 - Museum of national history and archeology

    Romania, Constanta, attractions, Museum

    29.06.2016 | from: Princess Traveller


    Аdventures of the little Princess traveler continue in Constanţa, Romania. We heard about this city, located in the Romanian part of Dobrudja region. One day we woke up and decided to pay him a visit. We enter the route Dobrich-Constanta to the GPS, through CHECKPOINT Kardam and he shows us that Constanta is located less than 100 km. With a 20 minute retention at the border, after about an hour and a half we are in Constanta already. Before heading, we did a little research on the Internet, and we found out that most of the Constanta attractions are situated in the old historical...

  • Two little princesses in the castle of Ravadinovo

    Castle of Ravadinovo, Sozopol

    19.09.2015 | from:


    On the way back from Sinemorets to Sozopol, on the left side of the road we saw castle. We decide to stop by for a short visit. 2 km away from Sozopol and we are in front the gates of the castle of Ravadinovo. On the entrance there are a lot of cars and buses with visitors wishing to explore this magical world. We pay an entrance fee and we are already inside.

    castle of Ravadinovo


    " I am a stranger coming from a distant land and all along the road, I carried you in my heart.
    I kept you safely in my soul like a mother protecting her baby.
    I have carried you for a long time, my dream, and I have...

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