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Attractions in Constanţa – one of Romania’s cultural centers

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Author: G.Dancheva    15-07-2016      0        1120


Constanţa – also known as Kûstѐndža, is one of the main cities in Romania, which is well worth a visit.

If you are one of those curious tourists who are fascinated by the theme of history and cultural heritage, to find out more about the ancient Dacia (Dacia) and folk variety of Dobrudja region, you must visit Constanţa at any cost. As one of the most ancient cities in the country that has preserved the rich historical and cultural heritage of different eras, Constanta is one of the most important cultural centres of Romania, with quite a few interesting attractions to see.

Constanţa sightseeing tour is quite interesting. Museums, archaeological excavations, architectural monuments and churches appear up in front of you, literally, around every corner. If you want to visit all the interesting sights of Costanza, you will need to check in at one of the local hotels, because one day is not enough.


List of Attractions and Landmarks in Constanţa

The Ovid square (Piața Ovidiu) – is the main square in the historic centre of Constanta. In the centre of the square stands the bust-monument of the ancient Roman poet Ovid. This is the place where the tour of the old city starts.


Museum of National history and archaeology

Museum of National History and Archeology

Significant, interesting and most visited attraction, are the most appropriate words to describe the Museum of National history and archaeology in Constanţa. Located in the Centre of the old town (Ovid square), it is one of the richest and the second largest museum in Romania. Among his expositions there are wide variety of relics from antiquity and the middle ages.


The Roman Edifice with Mosaic

The Roman Edifice with Mosaic

The Roman Edifice with Mosaic is another interesting historic attraction, located a few steps away from the "Museum of National history and archaeology". It is the largest, Roman mosaic exposure in Europe.


Folk Art Museum

Folk Art Museum (Muzeul de Arta Populara) Constanţa, Romania

The Folk Art Museum is located not far from Ovid square. There you can see traditional folklore clothes, tools and jewelries from different regions of Romania.


Mahmud II Mosque

Mosque of Constanța (Mahmud II)

Mosque of Constanța is a historic monument located a few steps from Ovid square. The Minaret of the mosque rises above the surrounding buildings. The view from the top is magnificent, that is why climbing up the narrow stairs is definitely worth it. The mosque is open to visitors, so do not miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the Minaret and take a bird's eye shot of Constanta.


Constanta Casino

Constanta Casino

The Constanta Casino is a symbol of the city. It is located on the promenade, on the Black Sea coast. Built in the early 20th century, the casino is unfortunately closed at present. It was declared as a historical monument by the Romanian Ministry of culture.


Тhe house with Lions

Тhe house with Lions, Constanţa, Romania

"Тhe house with Lions" is an architectural landmark with historic monument status, located less than 200 meters from the mosque "Mahmoud II", in the narrow streets of the old centre. Built in 1902, in a Venetian Baroque style by an American merchant, the House is well known for its four Lions rising from the cornice on the roof.


Basilica Sf. Anton de Padova

Basilica Sf. Anton de Padova, Constanţa, Romania

The Basilica Sf. Anton de Padova is a Roman Catholic Church, built after the model of Northern Italy. The construction of the temple was completed for a period of 2 years, from 1935 to 1937, for the construction of the Basilica are used small red bricks, for both the façade and the interior.


Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

Saints Paul and Peter Cathedral, Constanţa, Romania

The Cathedral dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, located in the old historic city of Constanta, is the largest and most significant Orthodox Church across the Dobrudja region. It is also known as the Cathedral of the Archbishop of Tomis.


Museum of sculptures

Museum of Sculpture (Ion Jalea) Constanţa, Romania

The Museum of sculptures is located in the old historic part of Constanta, a few steps from the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. The Museum has more than 200 different works.


Constanta aquarium

Aquarium of Constanţa, Romania

Located on the promenade, opposite the entrance of Constanta Casino, the Aquarium is a place worth to be visited. There you can see a wide variety of unique marine and ocean fish, exotic coral and turtles.


Constanta Dolphinarium

Besides the aquarium there is also Dolphinarium in Constanta. Opened in 1972, it’s the first and still remains the only Dolphinarium in Romania.


Genoese lighthouse

Genoese Lighthouse, Constanţa, Romania

Built in 1861, the Genoese lighthouse is one of the historical attractions in Constanta. It is located at the southern end of the promenade. The lighthouse was built by the American major, to guide ships to the port of Constanta.


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