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  • Which hotel to choose for your stay in Bansko

    Bulgaria, Bansko, ski, winter, hotel Olymp

    17.03.2016 | from: Vesso Marinov


    This winter we decided to spend our winter holiday in the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria – Bansko. It is no secret that Bansko has some of the best skiing conditions in Europe. That is why it is among the favorite winter destination for many foreigners.

    Due to the great interest this winter, finding a hotel at an affordable price, turned out to be no simple task. 2 years ago we visited Bansko, but the hotel where we were staying did not meet our expectations, which is why our choice this time was a result of more thorough study. There is a huge choice of accommodation in Bansko, but...

  • Sunset over Mount Olympus

    15.09.2015 | from:


    If you are visiting any of the towns located on the Olympic Riviera, you will notice the majestic Mount Olympus. The higher floors of the hotels in Olympiaki Akti and Paralia Katherinis, has a magnificent view over the Mount Olymos, especially by sunset. Since most of the hotels are with balcony dining area during dinner or just for a drink, you can enjoy this wonderful view.

    We are staying at the Ammos Beach, a self-catering hotel with apartments and studios, situated less than 100 meters from the Olympic Beach, in the town of Olympiaki Akti. The hotel is affordable for the soffered...

  • Floating House on the River Thames by Airbnb

    Accommodation, Floating House, London, Airbnb

    22.05.2015 | from:


    If you happen to be in London this week, we recommend keeping one eye locked on the Thames. Airbnb is sailing a bright blue house down the iconic river to celebrate the passing of the Deregulation Act, which gives London residents permission to "share" their property for up to 90 days each year.

    Best of all, you can actually stay onboard for the night in Airbnb's unusual floating home -- it comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, as well as a small garden complete with lawn, trees and a dog kennel. Of course, this is just a publicity stunt, but it's a creative one that...

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